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                     DENTUS, the sign of quality, reliability and modern design in dental and medical device industry


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As the first dental and medical equipment manufacturer in Iran, Dandan Toos Industrial-commercial Ltd Co (DENTUS) was founded by our President and CEO , Ahmad Aalifar, in1983,with the vision of heavy duty, quality, and economical dental equipment.  The result of this vision was DENTUS, the number one manufacturer in Iran's market. For more than 30 years, DENTUS has expanded the scope of production to supply high-quality products and services along with world's very latest technology.


As one of the oldest companies in Iran, DENTUS mission has been supplying top-quality products from the outset and is constantly working to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, and also providing innovative solutions to the dental industry. The company develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental and medical products, including: units, mini units, stools, blood donor and dialysis chair, gynecology and urology chair, dental trolleys and etc. DENTUS not only supplies productions with unique technical features which are different from other Iranian units, but also products which are compatible with the same European products. In the future, we will continue our ongoing efforts to actively introduce advanced manufacturing facilities and efficient production systems and enhance the reliability and safety of our products.


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DENTUS distributes its products domestically through a network of authorized dental equipment dealers. We have sales representatives that cover all cities in Iran. And in recognition of its international efforts, DENTUS has been awarded for outstanding international sales.

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The satisfaction of our customers is paramount, which is why our dedicated customer service team and highly skilled technical service department provide our customers with the support they need from their dental equipment manufacturer.


Producing the best and highest quality dental and medical equipment along with th very standards of the world



To sum it all up, DENTUS means solutions for dental practices, clinics and laboratories. It is all part of our goal of constantly striving to find new ways of making the best much better and providing customers with the ultimate in dental products and services.

We are honored to be the first company in Iran to import dental unit  to other countries, and as a leader we have had continuous participation in international and domestic exhibitions to improve the quality of our products.