1) New panoramic design, components resistant against impact and ignition
2) Frame with ideal resistance against humidity, corrosion and wear
3) Equipped with new design swinging hoses
4) Equipped with 2 rail drawers
5) Equipped with pneumatic system for selecting instruments
6) Equipped with composite cover, anti-scratch and heat-resistant
7) Micro motor (controllable through pedal)
8) Capable of equipping with controller pedal (having revolution counter)
9) Water-air syringe (Engle, Made in USA)  
10) Dust channel (Multi function), waterproof drawers and filtration–
 system (300cc reservoir tank)
11) Florescent light, input power 220V
12) Safety socket for installing optional laboratory equipment on bench
13) Gas piping system and related fittings, equipped to new design Bunsen
14) Equipped with DENTUS dental projector 
15) Operator clear guard shield
16) 2 armrests 
17) The possibility of selecting urban water or reservoir sterile water 
18) The possibility of installing head phantom
19) The possibility of installing LED lamp, walkman lamp
20) The possibility of installing LCD, PC monitor and surgical tray